Publication of the article in the journal “Medienpädagogik” about the pros and cons of learning in groups using VR- or video software

The use of full-immersive VR learning environments promotes the individual skills andprior knowledge of students. However, more specific effects on learning and concepts forintegration are not sufficiently studied yet. As part of a BMBF-funded research project, this article pursues the following question: What are the design and didactical as wellas communicative-interactive differences between full-immersive virtual […]

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Eye Movements in VR training at the AHFE’21 virtual conference

Analyzing eye movements allows revealing insights into cognitive activities taking place in someone’s mind. In training contexts, this information can be used to draw conclusions about the learner’s cognitive load or expertise regarding the current learning task. In our talk “Eye Movements in VR Training: Expertise Measurement and it’s Meaning for Adaptive Chess Training” we […]

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COGAIN 2021 Symposium at ETRA’21

On May 27th the COGAIN Symposium took place virtually as a workshop co-located at ETRA’21.6 short papers and 1 position paper were presented in form of video presentations, organized by the program chairs Ken Pfeuffer and Augusto Esteves. The topics presented at the COGAIN ranged from gaze-based interaction, including eye typing, to measuring brain activity […]

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