Publication of the article in the journal “Medienpädagogik” about the pros and cons of learning in groups using VR- or video software

The use of full-immersive VR learning environments promotes the individual skills andprior knowledge of students. However, more specific effects on learning and concepts forintegration are not sufficiently studied yet. As part of a BMBF-funded research project, this article pursues the following question: What are the design and didactical as wellas communicative-interactive differences between full-immersive virtual […]

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Paper on the Analysis of Information Search Behaviour using Eyetracking in Physical and Virtual Reality as Runners-up for the Best Paper Award 2020 in Information Systems Research (ISR)

Last week we received congratulations from Information Systems Research that our paper Eye-Tracking-Based Classification of Information Search Behavior Using Machine Learning: Evidence from Experiments in Physical Shops and Virtual Reality Shopping Environments has been selected as one of the two runners-up for the Best Paper Award 2020. The full list of awardees can be seen […]

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