Paper on the Analysis of Information Search Behaviour using Eyetracking in Physical and Virtual Reality as Runners-up for the Best Paper Award 2020 in Information Systems Research (ISR)

Last week we received congratulations from Information Systems Research that our paper Eye-Tracking-Based Classification of Information Search Behavior Using Machine Learning: Evidence from Experiments in Physical Shops and Virtual Reality Shopping Environments has been selected as one of the two runners-up for the Best Paper Award 2020. The full list of awardees can be seen here:

We are very happy about this appreciation, which motivates us to continue this line of research in the future. In particular, combining virtual reality and eye tracking for behaviour research is a promising method, which can be applied to many different contexts.

Our thanks also go to the editor and reviewers, who helped us to improve the paper significantly during the iterations in the review process. Based on their feedback, we, inter alia, invested a lot into upgraded machine learning runs (weeks of weeks in our computer cluster), and it is good to see that these efforts have been well invested!