Deutscher Pflegetag 2021 / Talk on Virtual SkillsLabs in DiViFaG and ViRDiPA

On November 13th, 2021, at the conference “Deutscher Pflegetag” / German Nursing Science Day, Prof. Dr. Thies Pfeiffer held a short motivational talk to introduce the concept of mixed reality technologies for training applications to the interested audience. In the talk, several interaction concepts in virtual reality are presented, that support different learning opportunities, such as exploration, information gathering, decision making and prototypical acting. Such concepts are investigated and developed in the Mixality group in frame of the research projects DiViFaG, ViRDiPA and HebAR.

A special focus was on the presentation of the project ViRDiPA and the use of 360°-videos as basis for a non-linear learning experience that can be created without programming language or skills in 3D modelling and animation.